Why NeedleRebels?

Sometimes we don't know where to start.  When it comes to learning needlecrafts, we may need someone to show us the way.  When we couldn't find a source that supported grownups teaching kids how to sew, we started NeedleRebels.  

It starts like this:  "Mindy, I know you sew... can you teach Abigail?"

I am not a teacher.  I work in taxation.  I like Abigail, but I didn't know the first thing about showing her how to sew.  I have learned by reading books mostly and trying things out and making mistakes.  That doesn't work when you have a big eyed ten year old staring you down.  I went to YouTube and couldn't find what I needed.  There were tutorials for adults and projects for kids, but nothing that told me how to show kids how to sew.  Nothing that told me how to be a sewing coach, mentor, teacher.  Nothing that said what was important to teach and what to skip.   Nothing that told me how much was too much or what might be too hard.  What order should I teach things?  How much do I stick correct her?  Should I teach more than one kid at a time?  So I am here, telling my story and what I have learned and hoping that you will share your stories with us.

Welcome to Needlerebels!

Creator and messmaker
Mindy McLees
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I have a family history of fabric love.  My father sold fine fabric to fashion designers for over 40 years.  He brought home fabric samples and color cards and we knew the difference between silk, cotton, wool, and linen at an early age.  About 15 years ago, I learned how to knit, then needlepoint, then sew.  

Designer, sewist, maker
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Gayl wants to design clothes and make useful and pretty things for family and friends.  To start, she needed to learn how to sew and now she wants everyone to learn.  She is willing to play and be filmed and to embarass me and that is great for everyone, because she is honest and fun and so smart.